Summer Block Party @ Frothy Beard (Sat, 7/12/2014)

Frothy Beard Brewing Company Sign

Frothy Beard Brewing Company Mail Box

Yesterday, we got a lot of heavy rain and lightning in the afternoon. Pretty lame for semi-outdoor activities, but great for the grass! Homeowner Problems. However, the rain went away after an hour and we decided to go to The Frothy Beard Brewing Company where we met up with some friends.They were actually having a Summer Block Party, but I had no idea until we got there. It was also my first time at this brewery, but I did have a pint of their Irish Red at the Flag Day Burger and Beer Festival a little while back. Delicious. This time I had a pint of the Zingiber Pale Ale which uses ginger instead of hops to flavor the beer. I actually can't handle hoppy beers AND I love the flavor of ginger, so I thought this beer was great. Very refreshing.

There was two different food trucks (Pep Rolls and Grill Kings), a popsicle stand (King of Pops), and live music! Grill Kings and King of Pops were cash only which was devastating because I didn't have cash and I really love BBQ and popsicles. Also, King of Pops had some really good flavors available this time. Boo! Lesson learned: carry cash everywhere just in case? I don't know. :) So, we got food from Pep Rolls, which is short for pepperoni rolls. They make whole wheat rolls that are baked with pepperoni in them. YUM! They also have a bunch of different toppings you can add. I had the Tommy D, which had marinara and mozzarella, and Dallin had the Sleazy Cheesy, which had jalapenos and nacho cheese. So NOT healthy, but they're pretty damn delicious.

The Deer Creek Sharpshooters at The Frothy Beard Brewing Company
The Deer Creek Sharpshooters

me in front of pink flowers
Me, cheesin' by these pretty flowers. They are blooming all over Charleston lately! Anyone know what they are?

View of the Cooper River from the Ravenel Bridge
View of the Cooper River from the Ravenel Bridge

Afterwards, we went to Trader Joe's to pick up some weekly groceries. We've been buying watermelon and stone fruit every week lately! So sweet and delicious! The picture above is from when we were driving back home over the Ravenel Bridge. The day was so nice! Such a stark contrast from the earlier rain and thunder.

Apologies for not taking any pictures of food or drinks. I'm the worst Asian ever. ;) But seriously, I'm not used to documenting anything. I do think it's quite fun though! :) I just have to make more of a conscious effort.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I love hoppy beers, but one with ginger sounds good too! You are standing in front of crepe myrtles - they are blooming all over the south right now!

    1. Ginger beers are one of my favorites. Thank you for letting me know what this plant is! You're right! They're EVERYWHERE! So pretty! :)