Happy Caturday!

wedge on his kitty mansion cat tree

Wedge and I are hoping that you all have a great weekend! In our case, we're gonna be lazy and lay around today. But there will be bendy brewskis for the humans on Sunday.

What do you guys like to do on the weekends? Are you guys active and out and about? Or do you just like to stay home and relax? Maybe a combination of both? :)

My Summer Style

1. everlane, 2. madewell, 3. super people, 4. target, 5. everlane

1. Ryan Tank from Everlane // 2. Denim Shorts from Madewell // 3. Super People Sunglasses // 4. Floppy Hat from Target // 5. Ankle-Wrap Sandal from Everlane

This is my summer uniform: tank tops, shorts, sunglasses, hats, and sandals. Gotta beat the summer heat and stay comfortable!

1. I really like the Ryan Tanks from Everlane. I have two, one in white and the other in charcoal, and I love them! The fabric is so soft and lightweight. It's just an incredibly comfortable tank top. I love the neckline and the length (it's long for all you tall people out there!). These tanks are a favorite of mine. Also, they're fairly priced ($20 each!), so you won't feel bad if you get them in different colors.

2. I think all the denim shorts that I currently own are Madewell. I used to be obsessed with them while I was still working (actually, still am). Now that I'm funemployed, I try to buy items within my budget (though I do allow myself to splurge on a dress from there once in a while!). My denim items from Madewell are a good quality and I'm still wearing them years after I originally bought them. So, they're a plus in my book and well worth the price. The shorts in the picture look long, but I roll mine up to the length that I want them.

3. I have a pair of Super People sunglasses. Not the exact same as in the collage, but they are almost the same shape. Sunglasses are essential in the summer for me, especially at the beach or while driving. Need to protect those eyes!

4. Floppy hats! I wear one that I got from Target while I'm outside, like when I'm watering the lawn or at the beach. I think it's important to protect yourself from the sun as much as possible.

5. I don't have these Everlane sandals, but they're super cute. They're on my wishlist!

So, this is what I usually wear, daily. It may be simple, but it works and I like being comfortable, especially in the summer heat! I am probably being melodramatic, but this southern heat is on the same level as Guam!

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I did it! I cut my hair

So, I got my hair cut yesterday. It was actually my first time getting my hair cut in Charleston. The last time I got it cut was when I went home to Hawaii in December. The reason why I took so long is because: 1) that's how long I usually take between cuts (yay for long hair!) and 2) I was kind of scared of having my hair cut by a non-Asian. That sounds kind of bad, but Asian hair just acts differently and will act kind of funky if not cut correctly. And usually Asians know how to cut Asian hair. But I decided to just go for it. I found a salon that's near me, and I like convenience, so I went there!

Look at how long my hair was! It didn't look as long when she showed me the cut-off hair in a ponytail. Perspective. To me, this is such a big difference. I was pretty calm about it because I felt like this needed to happen. My long hair was starting to drive me crazy. I love the way it looked, but it was literally beginning to give me a headache. After I got home, my new hair felt so fresh, light, and smooth!

This morning I took a shower just to see how it looks like without it being straightened or doing anything. OH, LORD! It is so poofy.

Haha. I laughed. It doesn't look horrible, but I did like the way it looked when it was super straight. But that involves blow-drying and flat-ironing... The reason why I liked long hair so much was because it was so, so, so low-maintenance. Right now I'm debating whether to grow it out again or to keep it short. I do love the way it feels so light, especially in this southern heat/humidity. But the maintenance! I think I'll invest in a roundbrush and see how it looks when I use it during blow-drying. Right now I have this really tiny flat-iron (it'd be perfect for bangs!) which will have to be upgraded to a bigger version if I decided to go down THAT road. I think it would be nice to have the option of super straight hair. I guess I'll take it one step at a time.

Do you prefer long/medium/short hair? What is your hair routine like? :)

Hair Inspiration: Summer 2014

My hair is long. Like, past-the-boobs long. I love having long hair! My parents wouldn't let me and my sister cut our hair short when we were young. Not sure why; probably because they thought long hair was more aesthetically pleasing. But when I got to college, I was overwhelmed by my new-found freedom and cut all my hair off, above the shoulders. GASP! I know. I loved it at first, but eventually I missed the length. So began the long process of growing out of my hair again. It felt like it took a long time for my hair to grow back and that's probably why I haven't gone "short" since. However, this southern heat is brutal, y'all. It's way worse than in Hawaii. We're talking about Guam levels of humidity! And my hair is so long that it gives me a headache if I keep it up for too long. So, it has to go for the summer. I'll miss you.

These are the pictures that are inspiring my next haircut:

kate mara

jennifer lawrence

elizabeth olsen

gwyneth paltrow

alexa chung

keira knightley

olivia palermo

images via pinterest

Yes, I am going for that shoulder-length hair. I talked to my husband about it and I asked him if he thought I would regret it. He said, "I don't think so. But if you do, it will grow back and shoulder length isn't that short." Words of rationality. Thank you!

I'm just imagining how light it's gonna feel. Like, literally, a weight has been lifted.

Intro to Wedge

Wedge is currently my world! He is my adorable, little tuxedo cat that I adopted from the Charleston Animal Society which is South Carolina's largest animal rescue. I had begged Dallin to let me adopt a cat for a while. He didn't consider himself a "cat person," but I had been going through a bout of depression and I felt that having a kitty at home to keep me company would enrich my everyday life. So, I convinced him to at least take me to the animal shelter (which I managed to do by promising that I wouldn't adopt a cat). We looked at all the kitties and came across a cute 5-month old kitten named Andy. He was so, so, so cute. We made another round to look at all the cats again. We couldn't stop thinking about Andy, so we asked if we could meet him. They let us play with him in a tiny meeting room full of toys. It was a done deal by that point. Even Dallin, not a cat person, was enamored. We took him home that day! And that's the story of how Andy became Wedge and found a forever home with us. Makes me feel all mushy just thinking about it.

Our first picture together, still at the shelter.
He was such a timid guy when we first got him. It took him a couple hours to warm up to us (though I've been told that cats can take longer to get used to a new house). But now he is a total lovebug and clings to us like glue. Though he totally loves Dallin and I, he is still completely scared of other people. He likes to hide behind the dryer in the laundry room if we have guests over and that breaks my heart. If anyone has any tips about how to socialize a cat with other people, please leave a comment!

The witching hour starts around 9pm. Note the dilated eyes.

Wedge's favorite things:
  1. Looking out the window
  2. Chewing on paper/cardboard
  3. Going outside in our enclosed patio
  4. Meowing to go outside
  5. Eating treats
  6. Forbidden places, such as the kitchen counter
  7. Fancy Feast's Gravy Lover's (especially the chicken and beef in gravy)
  8. Chin scratches
  9. Ear scratches
  10. Being pet in general
  11. Freshly cleaned litter box
  12. Running water
  13. Attacking toes from underneath the bed
  14. Attacking feet under the covers
  15. Causing a ruckus while the humans are trying to sleep
  16. Cat naps
  17. Cleaning himself
  18. Toys
  19. Farting (specifically the silent-but-deadly variety)

Wedge's dislikes:
  1. Bugs
  2. Birds
  3. Squirrels
  4. People that ring the doorbell
  5. Being told NO
  6. Baths
  7. Dirty litterboxes
  8. Being locked out of a room
  9. Being locked in a room
  10. Not being able to access forbidden zones, such as the kitchen counter
  11. Being told he's getting tubby
  12. Being left alone

Fun fact: Wedge is named after Wedge Antilla, a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. Yes, Star Wars. My husband is a geek!