Overly Attached Wedge

My cat likes to pretend he doesn't care about us, but in reality, he HAS to be within a 5 foot radius of someone at all times. The other day I finally took out my actual camera (vs my iPhone) to take some pictures of my Modern Mermaid box (post here!). However, I ended up mostly taking photos of Wedge because he wouldn't get out of the way. I guess next time I could do it in another room while he's locked out, but his tiny meows slay me! Meep. Anyway, I couldn't resist posting pictures of him. hashtag catladystatus

"What're you doin'?"

ruffian endless summer collection trio


ruffian endless summer collection trio

He loves looking out the window. "IS THAT A BUG?! O_O"

And yes, those are chairs (we have eight for our dining table that we never use). I put them next to the window for the natural light. I think I need to figure something else out though. Maybe a small table instead? :)


  1. Your cat has such whimsical face! <3
    I'd say keep using the chair. If you're using it and it works, why not?
    Natural lighting is actually the best and I wish I could utilize it more. I just rely on a white soft box lighting because I can only get good lighting early in the morning since all my windows face the east.

    1. Yeah, he's silly! He's my cat, so I'm biased, but he has the cutest face!

      I will definitely try to keep using natural light, for sure. We have windows on all sides of the house, except for the west side, which is nice. Thank you for your input! :)