Happy Caturday!

wedge resting after a night of fireworks

Last night, a lot of people were popping fireworks. It was kind of nice. Reminded me of Hawaii before they banned fireworks in 2011. However, my poor cat thought that the world was ending! He wouldn't even eat his Fancy Feast which is unheard of in this house. We had to reassure him that nothing bad was going to happen by speaking to him in soft, sweet voices while wrapping him up in his favorite blanket. Hahaha. We are seriously THE crazy cat couple on the street. How did this happen? O_O

Anyway, today is back to normal! We are still being lazy and watching Law & Order though. It's funny how easily we can become addicted to certain shows (like Orange is the New Black!). We end up binge watching all the episodes. Thankfully there are 20 seasons to go through! I really doubt that we'll run out anytime soon. It'd take years, I'm guessing!

Sweet Wedge is just cat-napping the day away. Have a great Saturday!


  1. We had fireworks Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night on our street! The kitties will be glad when it's all over!! This is the least favorite holiday, followed by Halloween when they don't like a bunch of strangers coming up to our door!

    1. Oh, wow! That's a lot of fireworks! Fun for humans; not so much for kitties. We haven't had Wedge for Halloween yet, but I KNOW that he's not going to like it either. He gets so scared when people ring the doorbell or knock. My poor scaredy cat.