Happy Fourth of July!

fireworks taken in hawaii 2006
Fireworks in Hawaii, 2006.

statue of liberty, nyc 2010
Taken in NYC, 2010.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Even though Hurricane Arthur passed by our state just yesterday, today's weather is pretty nice and sunny! However, the beaches here are crowded and we are feeling like a bunch of lumps. So, we're just spending Independence Day eating junk food and watching Law & Order. Actually, that is probably what we're gonna do the whole weekend. Haha! (We seriously need to get out of our funk. Started after we got rear-ended in MAY.)

South Carolina was actually ranked #1 for the most patriotic state recently (according to a real estate blog). Makes me feel extra unpatriotic for not really "celebrating" today. But I'm actually thankful for being born American everyday. And I like how we all have the freedom to celebrate however we want! So, mini bratwursts, sauerkraut, and Law & Order episodes all day for me! :)  (Though I'm kind of regretting the lack of burgers in the house today.)

Hope you all stay safe this weekend doing whatever you plan to do! :)

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