diving at dadi beach, guam
Me, scuba diving at Dadi Beach in Guam.

baja burritos at palmetto brewery
My husband and I at Palmetto Brewery, located in Charleston, SC, enjoying brewskis and burritos.

wedge (cat) posing by longchamp mini 'le pliage' handbag
My cat, Wedge, being really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Cathy, or as my Korean mother would call me when I was younger, "CATHY-AH!" It's the simple origin of the username that I use on the internet.

I grew up, went to university, and worked in Hawaii. Then I met a man and life happened. Now we're married and we are living in Charleston, SC with our cat, Wedge. We will be here for at least three years, so I'm just trying to enjoy the Holy City while I have the chance. :)

What you can expect to find here: my life & experiences, cat lady ramblings, style & beauty, and other things that inspire me.

I love reading all of your comments and I will try to respond to everyone. Thanks for reading!