Break Up Essentials: "In my feels" Playlist

I think one of the upsides during this turbulent part of my life is that I'm finding a lot of good music! I love listening to music (though who doesn't?!) and will listen to anything as long as I think it's good. I guess sometimes that stuff can be subjective. Anyway, music has been helping me get through life lately. Haha. This playlist is a bunch of songs that I listen to when I want to get into my feels. I've definitely cried while listening to some (read: all) of these at one point or another. But sometimes I feel like I need to have a good cry though. Definitely let's me know that at least I'm alive and can feel emotions! There is nothing wrong with feeling strongly about things. Crying can actually be healing, in my opinion, as long as you're processing why.

Anyway, here's the list of songs that I listen to when I want to soak in my sadness after a break up:

  1. SZA - Supermodel: To me, this song is about feeling inadequate or insecure. You may normally be a confident person, and you try to remain that way, but sometimes break ups kind of get you feeling messed up. Like, "was I not good enough? dafuq" But idk, sometimes it's just not meant to be. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.
  2. 6LACK - Worst Luck: when I'm hormonal or feeling incredibly sad, this song will make me go from 0 to ugly crying real quick. Also, is it possible to be both the woman and the man in this song? Haha. Because that's how I feel. It's too freaking real. And you know, sometimes it does feel like I have the worst luck with love and it's like, will it always be this way? Idk. I feel like 6LACK is the black male version of Banks. So ~*angsty*~ which is why I love him.
  3. Tara Carosielli - Lunatic: Self-explanatory. When you look back on a relationship and everything becomes so clear and you're like, "I must have been a lunatic." Same. Simple song, but it gets the point across.
  4. Sinead Harnett - Still Miss You: To me this song is about still caring about the person you left. Despite trying to make it work, you realize that you need to protect yourself and leave, but it doesn't mean that those feelings you had weren't real. We are only human and can't fix everything by ourselves and we know that it's better this way, but dang, you can still miss the person, especially when you think of them in only the good light or what your ideal version of them is. The potential.
  5. VÉRITÉ - Phase Me Out: This song is about being pushed so far that you're at a point where you can either stay in the same shitty situation together or making the decision to go your separate ways. #TOOREAL
  6. Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared to Be Lonely: I remember hearing this song for the time while riding a taxi in Bangkok and trying not to cry. Haha. It's about being with someone and maybe it was good at first, but it turns a little unhealthy. And you wonder if you're still together because you're right for each other or is it because they're familiar and you don't want to be alone?
  7. WENS - If: LOL. To me, this song is about a girl who maybe started seeing someone, just expecting it to be fun and not wanting anything serious. But then she realized that she caught feelings and now wants more than just the physical aspect. #OFFICIALLYDEAD
  8. Carmody - Skin: Not being with someone anymore, but still being reminded about them all the time. She describes is as someone being in her skin, which to me is like they're a part of them. And she wonders if they are experiencing the same thing (spoiler alert: probably not, girl).
  9. Banks - Crowded Places: When I first heard this song, I was shooook. I think it's about having a bit of social anxiety and feeling uncomfortable in huge crowds and just wanting to go home and spend time with your special person, but maybe you and your special person don't quite have the healthiest relationship. But they still feel like home? Lol idk.
  10. Banks - To the Hilt: Unhealthy relationship with someone, but you guys inspired each other. And now that they're gone, you miss them and how you felt while you were with them even though you're both better off.
  11. Banks - Alibi
  12. Banks - You Should Know Where I'm Coming From: When you tend to self-sabotage your relationships, putting up walls and maybe pushing people away, but hoping that the other person figures it out on their own that it's just a defense mechanism and wanting them to keep trying with you. People can't read your mind and it's unfair to expect people to save you, but I don't know. I can relate sometimes.
  13. Banks - And I Drove You Crazy: Knowing that someone wasn't right for you from the beginning, but still wanting to try and wanting so bad to make it work with that person in any way possible, hoping you'd both be better people. But in the end, you just end up hurting each other even more. Too fucking real. Would've totally cry-sang this song at the concert IF IT HAD HAPPENED! :(
  14. Banks - Bedroom Wall: Wanting to be with someone and thinking you're making it obvious, but the other person seemingly having no clue.
  15. Banks - Change: Shitty person treating another person in a shitty way and always saying he'll change when you're about to leave him. lol #boybye you ain't gonna change.
  16. Drake - 4422 (feat. Sampha) **(not available on youtube, so put a cover. haha it ain't bad)
  17. VÉRITÉ - Somewhere in Between: Not quite sure, but to me it's like not knowing exactly what is going on between you and another person or where you're at.
  18. Sara Diamond - Back to You: self-explanatory. Letting go of someone, missing them, and wondering if you can be strong enough not to run back to them. Haha.
  19. Banks - Under the Table: Another good candidate for publicly ugly crying at a concert. "Please tell me that this could be easy. I'm tired for waiting for permission to love. Heartbreak is your game, but I'm learning. My heart could be yours, won't you make it your home?" Ughhhhh Banksss, who hurt you?! also, #relatable
  20. NJOMZA - poison: Knowing that you're in a toxic relationship, but still wanting to be in it.
  21. Chaos Chaos - Do You Feel It?: First heard this song at the end of the the "Unity" episode of Rick and Morty and immediately got in my feels. To me it's about a toxic relationship (ughhhh, see a theme?). And maybe you know it's toxic, but you're addicted. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!
  22. Carmody - Missing: This gets me in my feels every time. I like how there is a sea theme, so I will sometimes listen to this while watching the sunset at the seawall, really reflecting on my life and past relationships. Haha. It's sad to me because... it's like, these relationships end, but there are still reminders and memories and maybe you don't want to forget anyway. It's like, they were real, but now they're gone and it's like they're ghosts.
  23. Matrimony - Giant: Not gonna lie, first heard this song while watching Girls, that I only started watching after the separation. It immediately resonated with me (read: made me cry). To me, it's about feeling like you're being left behind and trying really hard to move on with your life without that person. And I think they use "giant" because it's like life is bigger than you and you can't control where it takes you sometimes. And they use "fighting, and I feel like I'm getting somewhere" because most of the time it does feel like you're fighting for your life. At least that's how I interpret it.
  24. Beck - Blue Moon: Another song I heard on Girls that also made me cry a lot. The lyrics are actually quite sad, though the melody is a little upbeat. To me it's about loneliness and not wanting to be alone.
  25. London Grammar - Big Picture: The lyrics are sad to me, but also hopeful in a way? It's about life and love and getting hurt and feeling lonely and maybe not knowing what the point is for all of it. But accepting that maybe these things are meant to happen and that even though it's hard at the moment, we need to look at the big picture. lol totally made some of that stuff up, but it's how that song makes me feel.
  26. SZA - 20 Something: So, I'm totally NOT a 20 something anymore. Hahaha. But this song is so relatable. It's about not having your shit together and how other people probably don't have their shit together either. God bless these 20 somethings because it's hard out there for all of US, trying to find our way through life in one piece. lol. This song gets me fucked up and in my feelings every time. I pretty much listened to SZA's CTRL album on REPEAT while I was on my "Eat, Pray Love, Kansai/Hiroshima" trip. And this is one of my favorites.
  27. Beyoncé - Pray You Catch Me **(also not available on youtube, so this is also a cover): This is the intro song to her album "Lemonade" and I love the vocals and how emotional it is. You can really feel the pain she is feeling. She wants the other person to notice that she knows something is up and that she's feeling hurt.

Haha yeah. So lots of Banks because she's the ultimate angsty singer. It's like, how are all her songs SO RELATABLE?! I don't know. I'm still kind of salty that she had to cancel her concert in Tokyo because I was totally planning on ugly crying in public for that. But oh well! Universe taketh. It happens. Haha.

What are your favorite break up songs or songs that you listen to when you feel sad?

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