My Summer Style

1. everlane, 2. madewell, 3. super people, 4. target, 5. everlane

1. Ryan Tank from Everlane // 2. Denim Shorts from Madewell // 3. Super People Sunglasses // 4. Floppy Hat from Target // 5. Ankle-Wrap Sandal from Everlane

This is my summer uniform: tank tops, shorts, sunglasses, hats, and sandals. Gotta beat the summer heat and stay comfortable!

1. I really like the Ryan Tanks from Everlane. I have two, one in white and the other in charcoal, and I love them! The fabric is so soft and lightweight. It's just an incredibly comfortable tank top. I love the neckline and the length (it's long for all you tall people out there!). These tanks are a favorite of mine. Also, they're fairly priced ($20 each!), so you won't feel bad if you get them in different colors.

2. I think all the denim shorts that I currently own are Madewell. I used to be obsessed with them while I was still working (actually, still am). Now that I'm funemployed, I try to buy items within my budget (though I do allow myself to splurge on a dress from there once in a while!). My denim items from Madewell are a good quality and I'm still wearing them years after I originally bought them. So, they're a plus in my book and well worth the price. The shorts in the picture look long, but I roll mine up to the length that I want them.

3. I have a pair of Super People sunglasses. Not the exact same as in the collage, but they are almost the same shape. Sunglasses are essential in the summer for me, especially at the beach or while driving. Need to protect those eyes!

4. Floppy hats! I wear one that I got from Target while I'm outside, like when I'm watering the lawn or at the beach. I think it's important to protect yourself from the sun as much as possible.

5. I don't have these Everlane sandals, but they're super cute. They're on my wishlist!

So, this is what I usually wear, daily. It may be simple, but it works and I like being comfortable, especially in the summer heat! I am probably being melodramatic, but this southern heat is on the same level as Guam!

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