Intro to Wedge

Wedge is currently my world! He is my adorable, little tuxedo cat that I adopted from the Charleston Animal Society which is South Carolina's largest animal rescue. I had begged Dallin to let me adopt a cat for a while. He didn't consider himself a "cat person," but I had been going through a bout of depression and I felt that having a kitty at home to keep me company would enrich my everyday life. So, I convinced him to at least take me to the animal shelter (which I managed to do by promising that I wouldn't adopt a cat). We looked at all the kitties and came across a cute 5-month old kitten named Andy. He was so, so, so cute. We made another round to look at all the cats again. We couldn't stop thinking about Andy, so we asked if we could meet him. They let us play with him in a tiny meeting room full of toys. It was a done deal by that point. Even Dallin, not a cat person, was enamored. We took him home that day! And that's the story of how Andy became Wedge and found a forever home with us. Makes me feel all mushy just thinking about it.

Our first picture together, still at the shelter.
He was such a timid guy when we first got him. It took him a couple hours to warm up to us (though I've been told that cats can take longer to get used to a new house). But now he is a total lovebug and clings to us like glue. Though he totally loves Dallin and I, he is still completely scared of other people. He likes to hide behind the dryer in the laundry room if we have guests over and that breaks my heart. If anyone has any tips about how to socialize a cat with other people, please leave a comment!

The witching hour starts around 9pm. Note the dilated eyes.

Wedge's favorite things:
  1. Looking out the window
  2. Chewing on paper/cardboard
  3. Going outside in our enclosed patio
  4. Meowing to go outside
  5. Eating treats
  6. Forbidden places, such as the kitchen counter
  7. Fancy Feast's Gravy Lover's (especially the chicken and beef in gravy)
  8. Chin scratches
  9. Ear scratches
  10. Being pet in general
  11. Freshly cleaned litter box
  12. Running water
  13. Attacking toes from underneath the bed
  14. Attacking feet under the covers
  15. Causing a ruckus while the humans are trying to sleep
  16. Cat naps
  17. Cleaning himself
  18. Toys
  19. Farting (specifically the silent-but-deadly variety)

Wedge's dislikes:
  1. Bugs
  2. Birds
  3. Squirrels
  4. People that ring the doorbell
  5. Being told NO
  6. Baths
  7. Dirty litterboxes
  8. Being locked out of a room
  9. Being locked in a room
  10. Not being able to access forbidden zones, such as the kitchen counter
  11. Being told he's getting tubby
  12. Being left alone

Fun fact: Wedge is named after Wedge Antilla, a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. Yes, Star Wars. My husband is a geek!

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