I did it! I cut my hair

So, I got my hair cut yesterday. It was actually my first time getting my hair cut in Charleston. The last time I got it cut was when I went home to Hawaii in December. The reason why I took so long is because: 1) that's how long I usually take between cuts (yay for long hair!) and 2) I was kind of scared of having my hair cut by a non-Asian. That sounds kind of bad, but Asian hair just acts differently and will act kind of funky if not cut correctly. And usually Asians know how to cut Asian hair. But I decided to just go for it. I found a salon that's near me, and I like convenience, so I went there!

Look at how long my hair was! It didn't look as long when she showed me the cut-off hair in a ponytail. Perspective. To me, this is such a big difference. I was pretty calm about it because I felt like this needed to happen. My long hair was starting to drive me crazy. I love the way it looked, but it was literally beginning to give me a headache. After I got home, my new hair felt so fresh, light, and smooth!

This morning I took a shower just to see how it looks like without it being straightened or doing anything. OH, LORD! It is so poofy.

Haha. I laughed. It doesn't look horrible, but I did like the way it looked when it was super straight. But that involves blow-drying and flat-ironing... The reason why I liked long hair so much was because it was so, so, so low-maintenance. Right now I'm debating whether to grow it out again or to keep it short. I do love the way it feels so light, especially in this southern heat/humidity. But the maintenance! I think I'll invest in a roundbrush and see how it looks when I use it during blow-drying. Right now I have this really tiny flat-iron (it'd be perfect for bangs!) which will have to be upgraded to a bigger version if I decided to go down THAT road. I think it would be nice to have the option of super straight hair. I guess I'll take it one step at a time.

Do you prefer long/medium/short hair? What is your hair routine like? :)


  1. You did it! Such bravery!
    I think the last time I had a short haircut was when I was a teenager. It is high maintenance than longer hair, you're right about that. :)
    I really like the new style. I guess you can easily style in two different ways? Some light texturizer would make the curls even sexier! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm still getting used to it. The last time I had short hair was in college and I forgot what it was like apparently! I used to use bumble and bumble's bb texture hair (un) dressing creme, but I'm wondering if I should get that again or some other texturizer. Hmm... so many choices! ;)