Happy Caturday! (Update on Wedge)

Wedge has already gotten used to both of us being away all day at work. The first week was super sad because it seemed like he was doing things to prevent us from leaving. For example, he usually follows us when we leave a room. Especially in the morning because he knows he's about to be fed. But after my first day, he tried to stay in the bedroom after I got ready in the morning. I don't know. Maybe we were imagining it, but I do think that animals are intuitive and smarter than they look/act. It was like a little protest.

But like I said, he's used it now! Which makes me feel less guilty. Yes, I would rather stay at home with my cat all day than work, but having the extra income gives us a lot more room to breathe. And also, it's a lot more treats/food for Wedge. So I guess I'll stay. #spoiled

Wedge's new favorite spot
We received these cat shelves, above, from Contempo Cat for free! It was part of a giveaway that Haus Panther sponsored. We just had to pay for the pelican wall clips and shipping, which is a pretty good deal. Not sure how many cat shelves they gave away, but it seemed like a lot of people participated! And Wedge loves them!

We installed the shelves above the tv, which is a pretty precarious place to put them in hindsight. He likes to chase his tail on the shelves for some reason and sometimes we get scared he'll fall off, but so far so good. And our tv is still safe! 

Taking a break from chasing the Roomba to look outside the window
We also got the Roomba, above, that Wedge seems to think is his newest toy. He goes nuts for the spinning side brush. Hopefully his curiosity about it dies down. He likes to undock it, even at night, which causes the roomba to make noise while it tries looking for the dock again. Also, he runs from whatever room he's in if he hears the roomba start on its scheduled cleaning time. He's obsessed!

Anyway, now you're updated on all the latest happenings about my cat!

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)