Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (NYC Trip 2016)

statue of liberty, ellis island, ferry, new york city, nyc
Hello, Lady Liberty!

manhattan, new york city, nyc, statue of liberty, ellis island, ferry
View of Manhattan during the ferry ride

statue of liberty, ellis island, ferry, tourist, new york city, nyc

ellis island, immigration museum, statue of liberty, new york city, new york, nyc, tourist, things to do
Inside the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island

osprey, v-22, fleet week, nyc, new york city, american flag, new york
Osprey flying around for fleet week. America!

battery park, new york city, statue of liberty, manhattan, ellis island, ferry, nyc
Heading back to Battery Park

Dallin and I visited NYC for Memorial Day Weekend 2016 on a 4-day/3-night trip. It also happened to be at the tail-end of fleet week, so it was interesting to see all the sailors walking around in their dress whites. Haha. I thought it was cute and reminded me of when Dallin was on sea duty. He doesn't really wear the whites anymore at his current shore duty station.

Dallin had never been to NYC, so we did tons of the typical touristy things, including visiting the Statue of Liberty. Let me just say that I hate waiting in long lines and being in large crowds. I visited once before and I guess I forgot how long it took to actually get on the ferry. Haha. Anyway, the weather was pretty nice and sunny. Also, it was so humid, though you'd think that we'd be used to it coming from Charleston, SC. But it was probably just as hot in NYC. Must be all the concrete absorbing/trapping all the heat? I have no idea. But it also stayed pretty humid at night as well! I guess I'm just a big baby when the weather isn't perfect (I thrive when the temperature is in the 70's and sunny).

I actually just uploaded the pictures from our trip onto my hard-drive about a week ago. Procrastinator problems? My hard-drive stopped working on my Macbook because of the format. And I just recently took care of it and reformatted it. Blah blah blah. But it's nice to see these forgotten pictures. :)

Lately I'm into reminiscing being back in the states. But I'll be sure to start posting about some of my experiences here in Okinawa as well!

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