Valentine's Day 2016

Yesterday was Valentine's Day! I don't like to make a big deal out of it. I don't expect presents or flowers (but MAYBE CHOCOLATES!). But that's just me! If I want something, I'll buy it myself. And I feel like my husband is the same way, which is nice. No stress! However, we always enjoy eating out, regardless of the occasion. ;)

39 rue de jean downtown charleston south carolina bar restaurant upper king brunch
We sat near the bar this time. Ooh La La!

We went out for brunch at 39 Rue de Jean, which is literally located at 39 John St off Upper King St in Downtown Charleston. The first time we ate here was for dinner during Restaurant Week and we thought it was delicious! And brunch was the same. Yummy.

cathyahh mimosa 39 rue de jean charleston downtown brunch
Husband and I. It's unfair that he was hogging all the good lighting. Whatever! #backlit #potato

I started with a bowl of Mussels Mariniere, which is mussels steamed in a sauce made from butter, white wine, shallots, and parsley. If I could drink that sauce without having a heart attack later, I would. Instead I just hoarded all our complimentary bread and soaked each bite with the broth. Like a lady. Haha.

moules mussels mariniere 39 rue de jean downtown charleston restaurant brunch south carolina

I also ordered the Quiche du Jour which was made with ham, spinach, and swiss cheese.

brunch quiche ham spinach swiss 39 rue de jean downtown charleston upper king food

Afterwards, we walked to Jeni's, on Upper King Street, for some ice cream, even though it was like, in the high 30's (which is cold for Charleston!!!). This is one of my favorite places. Their ice cream is home made and they always have new flavors to try. We try to stop by whenever we are downtown.

charleston south carolina upper king street downtown charleston sunny beautiful clear sky
Such a beautiful day! A bit windy and cold, but still nice!

jeni's jeni charleston upper king street downtown ice cream sundae candied ginger wildberry lavender
His and Hers. Haha. The waffle cookies for his sundae are out of control! And that's a small!

jeni's jeni charleston south carolina ice cream upper king street downtown candied ginger wildberry lavender
Candied Ginger and Wildberry Lavender

I had the Candied Ginger and Wildberry Lavender. These were both new flavors for me that I asked to try. And I was surprised by how well they tasted together. But I think my all-time favorites are Darkest Chocolate (duh!) and Salty Caramel. Together!

Finally we went to see Deadpool. Hilarious. Thoroughly enjoyed it and it was perfect for Valentine's Day. I would actually go to see it again. There were a lot of references to other movies and I'm sure that I didn't catch them all.

It was nice to go out, get some sun/vitamin d. I've actually been kind of lazy lately. Whenever people at work ask me what I'm doing for the weekend, I'm like, "netflix." But it's been cold! However, it's not thaaaat bad. I'm just a big baby when it comes to the cold. Islander problems. I think I'll make more of an effort to get out of the house from now on, even if it is "cold." We have about a year and a half left in Charleston and I still have many things on my bucket list!!!

Here's a special message from my cats:
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Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day! Did you do anything special?


  1. Sounds like a fun Valentine's day. We never really do anything, it's always so crowded at restaurants.

    1. We usually don't do anything for Valentine's either because we also don't like crowds. But it was actually pretty quiet for brunch. I guess most people usually do dinner if anything. :)